Solar Charge and Light Controller
Our Solar controllers are advanced and reliable solar charge and lighting controller. They combine the functions of a photovoltaic charge controller, a photocell sensor, lighting control timer into one unit. It is designed for solar DC power supply system and solar DC lighting system.
  • Street and area lighting
  • Bus Shelter lighting
  • Billboard and sign lighting
  • Garden lighting
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  • PWM smart charging
  • Temperature compensation
  • Over charge protection and low voltage disconnect
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Short circuit protection, smart detection and automatic re-start
  • Automatic dawn/dusk detection and advanced time control and work modes
  • Manual test mode for safe and easy installation
  • Easy installation, one button setup
  • LED status indicator
  • DC or 1HZ flashing output
  • 12V/24V automatic detection option avaliable
Features\Model SDRC SDRC-Dual SDPC
Dual circuits control No No Yes
Dual time setting No Yes Yes
Rated charging current 5A,10A 5A,10A 5A,10A
Rated load current 5A,10A 5A,10A 5A,10A
Working Voltage 12V, 12V-24V auto detect (optional)
Overload Protection 1.25 times rated load current for 60 sec
1.5 times rated load current for 5 sec
Short-Circuit Protection ≥ 3times rated load current
Idle draw ≤ 6mA
Charging Circuit Voltage Drop ≤ 0.26V
Load Circuit Voltage Drop ≤ 0.15V
Over Voltage Protection 17V for 12V; 34V for 24V
Work Temperature -31°F - 131ºF
Boost Charge Voltage 14.6V/12V; 29.2V/24V
Direct Charge Voltage 14.4V/12V; 28.8V/24V
Float Charge Voltage 13.6V/12V; 27.2V/24V
Charge Return Voltage 13.2V/12V; 26.4V/24V
Temperature Compensation -5mv/°C/2V
Lower Voltage Indication 12V/12V; 24V/24V
Over Discharge Voltage 11.1V/12V; 22.2V/24V
Over discharge recover voltage 12.6V/12V;; 25.2/24V
Charge control PWM Smart Charging
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Solar Powered Lights
Did you know
There are always incentive programs to help you pay for your solar lighting projects... more

What's the Advantages of solar Lighting
  • quick, easy, low cost installation
  • energy independence
  • no more electricity bills
  • long product life
  • green light source
  • co2 reduction

What's the Applications of solar Lighting
  • street & area lighting
  • pedestrian walkways lighting
  • billboard and signs lighting
  • architectural, landscape lighting
  • emergency, construction site lighting

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