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LED Street Lights Save Energy   LED lights cut energy bill by over fifty percent.
GlobalGreen Energy lights All American City   Yakima, Washington reports record savings on street lights
Mobile Solar Lighting Demonstration   Sign up for an illuminating demonstration with our mobile lab
Induction Street Light Fixture   Energy efficient and long lasting induction street light fixture

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LED lighting vs Sodium Lighting   Compare LED Lighting to Sodium, Incandescent, and Mercury lighting
Induction lighting vs Sodium Lighting   Compare Induction Lighting to Sodium, Incandescent, Mercury lighting
Incentives   State and Federal Incentives are abailable for Renewables and Effieicncy
What are LEDs?   Learn about Light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
What is Induction Lighting?   Learn about Induction or Electrodeless Discharge Lamps (EDLs)

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High-Power LED Street Lights   Long lasting, highly efficient LED cobra head fixtures
Induction Lamps   Durable, efficient lighting for wharehouses, streets, parking lots and more
Solar Street Lights   Zero polution next generation street lights
Solar Controllers   GlobalGreen Energy solar controllers add further savings

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